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Welcome to TattleCrime.org, where rumors of my death have been slightly exaggerated. Was there a death? In a technical way, yes. Then a revival. I spent some time taking care of myself and as such rumors were born. Right now, I could care less what people do or don’t think of me and what happened. I will be getting further into an explanation with that on my blog for those who are concerned. YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media will not be a thing. This is the only website for me, by me, that represents me and I will not be found or contacted anywhere else in an official capacity. This blog are for those who want to know the truth about where I’ve been, what’s happened, the real information behind Jennifer Cornett, Jamie L. Purr, The Australian Catfishers, my Stalkers, and more. Stick around or don’t. There’s a finite amount of information I’m sure I need to put up so once that’s done it’s done and there will be nothing left to discuss. Thank you for checking in.


AmberLynn666: Liar, Manipulator, Brainwashed?

There’s this girl who has been bending over backwards to suck SimplestSimon’s dick forever. Basically anything she says, AmberLynn666 agrees with. What they both apparently agree on is lying and photoshopping things to…feel better about themselves? I actually have no clue but check out what just happened. I went to this post that Amberlynn666 made… Continue Reading →

SimplestSimon: Liar, Manipulator, & Idiot

Where to start with a woman this stupid. I have already talked about her in posts before but she has gone above and beyond full retard with her behavior lately and I just wanted to document it for the record before she can delete everything that proves she’s a liar. As usual I will have… Continue Reading →

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