The “Anonymous” Forum

I’ve mentioned this forum quite a bit without actually showing much of it or what it is. The reason I haven’t mostly has to do with the fact that they want attention. They want people to find it. After reading over it several hundred times myself (and how utterly ridiculous it is because it’s filled to the brim with misinformation) it also has become clear that it is very much not as anonymous as they think it is. There’s also not a lot of people active on it. I estimate maybe about the same five to ten people over and over trying to make it sound like they are bigger of a group than they actually are. Here I am going to address how I know who is posting there and they they aren’t exactly as anonymous as they claim to be. Right down to the part where Celine actually used her name several times to say stuff so people would know she was there (while at the same time claiming she doesn’t stalk me, care about me, pay attention to me, etc) ironic right? Well let’s get started then.

We will start with an image like this. Though it says anonymous at the top the screenshot they include there is from a direct message, aka, a private conversation I had with this blog here. The blog would have been known as Nikolai (aka: Julian Priest). Who actually runs that blog in real life, if it’s Krystal Mather or Damien Georgie Miles, I have no idea. My point is that there is only one person who could have access to screenshots of this private conversation so it’s going to be one of those specific people, despite the fact that they somehow think this is anonymous? This continues quite a bit through the thread. They use private messages that only certain people could have and of course seeing as how I sent those messages I know who those people are. It’s laughable that they think that I would believe that they are different people who “somehow” got these private messages when the only people invested in exposing me in this way are those people. That would be Krystal Mather and the rest of her group of so called trolls, scammers, catfishers, and whatever else you want to call them.

Here we have another example of them posting private messages that only they could have access too. This was from a blog called Rosenundraben aka an alleged girl named Maxx. She is part of the Krystal Mather scam group, or she’s actually Krystal herself. It’s hard to tell. My point is, once again, the only people who would have access to private messages on tumblr are the people who have access to the blogs. Obviously they are the ones posting these screenshots. Laughably, when they are called out on it they claim that they didn’t do it? Like, who else is going to have access to these DMs other than the people who received them? No one. That’s what makes this forum not anonymous you fucking morons. Also I have no idea why she blurred out the screen name that was allegedly mine and not hers but we aren’t dealing with very smart people if you haven’t already figured that part out.

Remember Celine? The woman I did the video on who has been following me around since I don’t know, before the Hannibal fandom? Here’s her version of events. Ironically, the fact that she hunted down this forum to engage with these people only to claim she’s not been stalking me (then go on to provide links to my shit to “prove” she’s not stalking me is also hilarious). I mean, do these people really think that they don’t look like they are involved? Do they actually believe that there is no way to tie private messages that only they can have to them that they are posting? Not to mention the fact that so much information they post is straight up wrong or fictional. As if they desperately wish for my life to be the way they say it is. They just never stop. Ever. You can see that this dates back to a year ago and it keeps going today. Even at the point where I legitimately wasn’t online doing anything for months they were so desperate for content they invented blogs that they claimed were mine. Blogs I had nothing to do with and still have nothing to do with,

As you can see here they list a bunch of blogs that aren’t mine and I have never had anything to do with. All of those blogs, to my knowledge are still running and still talking about the same thing. However, they couldn’t accept the fact that I had actually left and were so obsessed with wanting to harass me they just decided that all of these blogs (a lot of which are clearly ESL blogs) were mine. That I was pretending to speak ESL and I was interacting with myself. That the only possible blogs that could agree with anything that was said about Alida was me. Just as the Hannibal fandom believes that anyone who hates the Hannibal fandom is me. In short these people are so obsessed with me that even when I’m not around to do anything for months on end they just find people to harass and say these people are me. Those blogs were harassed, they were called by my name, they were sent massive amounts of hate under the impression they were run by me. These people have nothing else going on in their lives other than this. To watch what I do and I think I’ve also proven it’s quite obvious I know who they are based on what they are posting.

The most recent post claims that I “admitted that I faked my suicide” which is not anything that I did admit. You’ll notice that they don’t have any proof to me saying this. They don’t have a link to where I allegedly admitted such a thing they don’t have any screenshots or archived proof. Why? Because I didn’t admit to that. What I said was that it did happen, I overdosed because I was having such bad insomnia I just wanted to sleep. I was stressed out and I started taking pills and it was too much. When I was asked about what I wanted done with my website from my friends and whatever else I flippantly remarked “tell them I died”. It was not supposed to get as out of hand as it did, to which I apologize. As to this being some sort of “admittance” that I “faked my suicide” no, they are purposefully misconstruing my words. However, if you read their forum of self masturbatory content you’ll realize that is all they ever do. They lie, manipulate, and twist words out of order (providing little to no context or proof as to what was said or why) and then somehow pat themselves on the back thinking they are better than me.

This forum of people who I obviously know and can call out by name, will exist if I’m gone for months at a time or not. The forum will exist even if I actually die because as you can see, they just invent blogs to harass if I’m not around and don’t care if they are mine or not. The people involved in this are very obviously people who know me like Celine, Monica Morais, Krystal Mather, Damien Georgie Miles, and whoever else is in that group. Can I discount that maybe one or two other people are random strangers? No, but I do know for a fact that the rest of this so called anonymous forum isn’t anonymous at all. This is how I know. Now this is how you know and it’s why I’ve stopped giving a great fuck about them. They have not stopped me from getting employed, they still have no clue what my legal name is, they lost track of my address a long time ago, and they are just sad, desperately little scam artists who have no lives outside of the internet. I think it makes them very upset that I am able to move on and do something with my life, be successful, when all they have is this forum and nothing else that matters to them in the world.

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