The Next Chapter

There was an incident where police were called to my house because of how bad the threats got. Fortunately, the people sending the threats mentioned who they were “defending” so it wasn’t too hard to figure out from that point who had gone off their rocker and doxxed me for the 100th time. Shortly after said point there was an accidental overdose on my part when it came to certain pills because I wanted to sleep, a lot. I can’t say I wanted to die, maybe I did, but at the time I was having massive issues with insomnia. I wasn’t able to fall asleep correctly and I got desperate after nearly a week with no sleep. It didn’t turn out so well and landed me in the hospital. When I was able to get in contact with people who were able to take care of my own personal business I flippantly remarked to tell them I’m dead since that’s what they want and I put it out of my mind after said point. I am vaguely aware of what went on after that, not that I care. I am amused that even finding out that something bad happened to me people were celebrating, calling it a hoax, you name it. Doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the rumors were greatly exaggerated and though I could have done something before this point I didn’t because I just didn’t care. Why is that?

After a period of recovery time in the hospital I was dealing with finding and buying a new house which takes a lot of time, effort, and money. I was also dedicated to getting a legal name change and doing everything possible to hide my new location from the people who are looking for me. So far, so good, as it doesn’t seem that any of them have figured out where I went or what my name has been changed to. Of course, they will claim “this that and the other” but they are looking at very old/outdated census records from years back. In some cases they are looking at disreputable forums such as KiwiFarms or Encyclopedia Dramatica. Two places that gave up on me back in 2016 because they found me to be boring. In any case, all the information my stalkers believe they have is outdated, a lot of it isn’t even related to me, and currently I’m still positive that I know who these people are and can prove it (will be explained in a later post).

I do not intend to do YouTube ever again or even put up my old videos. Sorry, it was not worth the hassle or harassment. Nothing is worth the harassment, but I thought I should at least say something to clarify what was going on and has been going on since I vanished last year. I have changed my life, gotten a job, a new house, and I am doing quite well. Though the haters, stalkers, and downright creepers will have you believe everything I say about me and my new life is a lie (and they are free to do so) then so be it. I’m better off than I ever have been and I think they are just upset that ultimately, their “stalking of me” is so damn terrible they couldn’t find me anywhere when I vanished. To a point where they have now accused about 15 people (blogs) of being mine when they are not. Imagine, being such a loser that you spend your days tracking down the mundane bullshit that you think I do online which really isn’t anything anymore because contrary to popular belief I have a life outside of this.

I will slowly be putting up the information on what I had before bit by bit when I get a chance. This isn’t top priority for me right now, probably won’t ever be, but I still wanted to house an archive of what happened and what types of people to avoid since it’s very important to keep safe when dealing with fandoms and scam artists on the internet. Thank you for your support, keep reading, and take care.

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