As For Bill Skarsgard…

I am not in his fandom anymore. Nor am I actively engaging or blogging about him or his girlfriend Alida Morberg. From time to time I do look at what people say because I’m mildly interested but despite what the last post claims (on that so called poorly put together excuse for an anonymous forum) I am not involved with that fandom or those people in any way, shape, or form. Why? Because I don’t really care anymore and I was never that invested in the first place. Of course, people will claim that I had to be “obsessed” because of what I wrote when most of it was just my opinion on the matter. An opinion that took very little time to generate because it’s all based on fandom behavior. Public accounts. Things that Alida herself does on her instagram and whatever else. There are videos and photos of Alida drinking while she was heavily pregnant. There is now an interview of Alida admitting she breastfed her daughter while she was drinking. There’s an interview where Alida says she hated her daughter’s name “wouldn’t stand for it” and made Bill change it. These are just things that exist. I’m sorry the videos are out there and I’ve seen them but whatever…here we are. The fact of the matter is that as much as I intend to remain a fan of Bill’s acting career I am not really interested in him as a person or whatever he may or may not be doing to fuck up his life with this Alida woman.

Are there a collection of blogs on tumblr that discuss this constantly? Yes. Do I skim over them from time to time? Yeah, why not? As I said, it’s interesting. I do not, however, invest my time in this and blog with them nor am I running any of the blogs that talk about this (or instagram accounts or twitter or whatever). If you recall they all hate me too because “reasons” so why would I engage with them? Also, I personally think that Bill looks like a massive tool not doing anything about his girlfriend and I think his fandom are a mix of 40 year old horn dog women who are jealous or 15 year old girls who think that kissing Alida’s ass will get them closer to their dream of fucking Bill. The fandom as it is now has no substance other than how much you can suck up to Alida on her instagram account and God forbid anyone tries to have an opinion about Bill that isn’t “nice” because they will be attacked. If you remember, Ana Paula Martinez did this to me specifically, exposing private conversations, doxxing me, and telling people to come after me to a point where I did have to call police. Keep in mind, at the time she did this, I had done very little of anything to her. Said very little of anything about her. She’s just insane. I could have been a lot worse. I could have doxxed her myself. I could have said that it’s a good thing she had an abortion because she’d be a shit mother if she had a kid right now (with how much she goes out and gets drunk herself).

After something like this, do you really think I would be interested in engaging these people who are this obsessively into Bill Skarsgard? A man who is no more than a D-List celebrity (if that) and barely known outside of Sweden other than for Pennywise and MAYBE his role in Hemlock Grove? Exactly. So, I will continue to watch whatever movies he’s in and enjoy his actual media content but as a person I’m checked out of caring who he is. I like gossip so I’ll read it from time to time but much as I don’t engage the Hannibal fandom any longer I don’t engage these people either. I just watch, chuckle, and move on with my life. Whatever they want to do is fine by me but I won’t be a part of it because I don’t have the emotional energy to deal with such toxic bitches any longer. Go ahead, pretend I have a blog, name 15 people who aren’t me and harass them if you want. As you can see, I’m not even on tumblr anymore I’m here so I’m pretty sure anything you have to say (or anyone you have to accuse) is going to obviously not be me and you are going to look very stupid while doing it. Sorry I don’t like Bill anymore you guys. I’ve moved on and have better things to do, unlike you people who have so little going on in your own lives you have to be obsessed with what you think I’m obsessed with. It’s sad isn’t it?

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