Jamie L. Purr [The Skarsgard Scam Artist]

Though it seems as if she’s been losing ground lately because a lot of people despise her, Jamie L. Purr at one point was actively running a scam in the Bill Skarsgard fandom. Lord only knows that if she can find another fandom do move to in order to make money and do it in, she will. It seems, though, as of now, people are pretty fed up with her. They think she’s paranoid (which she is) and she has lashed out at several people accusing them of being me when they are not me. Several people have come forward to admit they don’t believe anything she says because she has no proof of anything happening (because it didn’t, at least not on my end) yet I have a bunch of things to prove what she did to me and did in the fandom.

The truth is and always has been this:

In 2017 or so, I was friendly with Jamie because that was when I first started to engage with the Bill Skarsgard fandom. I realized her blog was popular for some reason not that I knew why, because all she did was write really formulaic smut or very childish purple prose fan fiction for Bill. Not that it mattered, I did know that if I could get her to reblog one of my posts then I’d get a following as well. Which I did. She didn’t like that I got popular and threw a hissy fit about it. There was also a situation where I did try to commission her to write a customized fan fiction for me. I offered her payment in way of a Pennywise funko doll which I did buy her and was going to send to her but when I told her this she declined and said she didn’t want it so I gave it to another friend of mine. It was around this time that the tumblr purge happened to I left to focus on my wordpress account (which no longer exists).

Jamie L. Purr the Swamp Ho (Source)

After IT Chapter Two came out I made another blog and got back on tumblr. I started to post fan fiction there and quickly rose to around 500 followers. It was in this time that Jamie was making posts about how she was going to starve/be homeless because she lost her job and now she needed people to pay her money for fan fiction. This was very much in contrast to what she’d said before, claiming that she could never take money for her writing. That she was a true artist and it wasn’t about fame or money it was about the art and blah blah blah fake lip service sob story you get the point. Suddenly, her tune had changed because she allegedly didn’t have a job any more and she now needed the money. A lot of people questioned her story because it was all over the place. People wanted to know why her fiance wasn’t helping her (a man she claimed paid for the house that she lived in previously) and why he had suddenly lost his job too? How she was starving and all of that. Why she was saying “rent” instead of mortgage when she allegedly owned a house with his fiance that she never prove even existed. So on and so forth.

With her sob stories about starving and on the verge of being homeless she was raking in money left and right for her sub-par and very shitty fan fiction. She claimed repeatedly that she didn’t want to have to do this and asking for money was only temporary until she got her job back. Which was weird because at the same time her patreon page which she totally only had because she needed to said something about “bus money for her real job”. The point is that there were so many inconsistencies in her story that a lot of people started to get annoyed and call her out. Any questioning of her was met with hostility and she acted like simple questions about her situation just to clarify what was going on was “bullying”. She also accused me of being the only person who actually hated her (sound familiar) when a lot of people were done with her crap.

I attempted to ignore all of this bullshit until she started to claim that she needed money for a new laptop or else she couldn’t write her stories that everyone desperately needed to read. The weird thing was that despite her laptop being broke at the time (allegedly) she was still writing updates and posting a lot. It was shortly after she collected a bunch of money for this new laptop, that she did a giveaway contest on her blog. It was self promotional. Basically she did some sort of story thing where you could win a giftbasket worth close to 100$ USD if helped her promote her blog. People started to question why she was suddenly giving away so much stuff and if they had literally just donated all this money to her so she could run a promotion (and if she was really starving and borderline homeless or not). This prompted me to make a general PSA about how people should be careful who they give money to in the fandom since not everyone is genuine about their intentions. That was really all it said. Most people had no idea who I was even talking about, that was until Jamie reblogged it and made it about herself.

From there she started all sorts of rumors about me. That I stole fan fiction, that I was sending her anonymous messages telling her to kill herself, that I posted child porn on my “adult website”, that I was a pedophile and a rape defender, that I was 40 years old and that I was obsessed with her. I mean, you name it. This was all because I generally warned people not to give money to other people online because they may not be genuine about it. Jamie, from that point, got her group of minions to harass the shit out of me on my blog. They claimed that they wouldn’t stop until I left. One of these people being Elisabethwise who had a history of harassing people in the fandom, not just me. She was well known to be Jamie’s little slave and jump at her every word. It was when I discovered there were minors in her discord discussing adult subjects and expose her and Jamie as pedophiles (with proof because they had that type of content in their discord), Elisabethwise flew off the handle and pretended to commit suicide claiming that I had told her to kill herself (which had never actually happened).

In all of this, at some point, Jamie wrote a novel length lie filled essay about me for her blog. Something which was (and is still) so ridiculous that I hardly ever bothered to explain why it was stupid. In this essay she says such things like she’s going to have police come and get me, that cyber bullying is a crime and too many people have lost their lives for her to “take my abuse”. She claims that she had to go to therapy and it was on record that she became “suicidal” because I belittled her fan fiction on the internet. She said, within this essay that I posted child porn on my adult website and she presented several emails and screenshots of things I allegedly said, completely out of context to prove her point. She openly admitted to lying to police to me in a set of several emails she sent and she doubled down on her threats to sue me several times telling me she had a lawyer. When I asked to talk to her lawyer she told me that if I gave her the name of my lawyer then she would have her lawyer contact mine. The thing she was claiming was that she had a “real job” and was “sexually harassed” by not only her boss but her future father in law. When she reported him for harassment the company fired her and sided with her boss but despite this they were going to pay for her to get a lawyer to sue him. Out of all the things that never happened this never happened the most, and when she posted this story she would also beg for money because she was going through a hard time. She assured people she would win this lawsuit against him (and me) and never need to ask for money again. Yet, she still continued to run her Ko-Fi and her Patreon pages to collect money proving all of that a lie. Even worse, people bought it hook, line, and sinker and gave her money.

Since her following is now dwindling and she’s even lost enough support that she’s had to cancel her patreon, she still sits around on tumblr pretending that I’m harassing her. Even in the months I wasn’t there I was still somehow harassing her. Whatever. Her Ko-Fi remains up and if you do the math (every coffee equals three dollars) you will see that she has somehow scammed the fandom out of over a thousand dollars for her “smut” fic. The actual total being 1,029 dollars.

She did used to have a patreon where she was making over 100$ a month but she got rid of that after I exposed it, twice. The funny thing is that she changed her name a few times to avoid admitting that she also changed her writing style based on my criticisms. More or less, all the times she complained about me “bullying her work” she actually took my legitimate criticism and used it to fix her shitty writing. By “fix” I mean she made it a bit more passable but at the same time she literally stole one of my stories and is trying to pass it off as her own. A lot of people noticed that this is the only story that is “well written” and when I gave it a read I could easily see why. She stole an original story I wrote and “fan fictioned” it just enough that I know it’s stolen I just can’t call her on it. People who have read my original story and hers do know that she’s copying me. She’s also slowed down writing chapters for it and that’s probably because I removed my copy from the internet so she has nothing to steal from anymore. With the Bill fandom pretty much on its way out thanks to how his girlfriend is invading it (and his his fans act) her cash cow is drying up too. One can hope she takes the money she bilked out of people to get some serious professional help or possible Valter Skarsgard might notice how “hot” she is for him and give her a call lol.

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