The Jennifer Cornet Story

I’m sure most of the people that have found their way here have done so because they were interested in the continuing story of Jennifer Cornet from the Final Fantasy VII house into the Hannibal fandom and what she called the “murder house”. I’m also aware that tons of people think I made this up, I never met her, or I am Jennifer herself. Quite frankly, I don’t care what anyone thinks anymore. I know what happened and I know what the truth is. My story on this has not changed from the beginning and it never will change because this is what happened. The people on other forums who discuss this either rehash old and false information over and over, or choose to attack my looks (and what they believe my gender is) instead of offering up any valid counter arguments. I’m just presenting my side of the story and what I know happened. You can believe that or you can believe people who are obsessed with stealing photos of me to talk about how I’m actually a biological man because my face “doesn’t look right”. In any case, here’s the story and how it happened.

Timeline Of Events

February 2013: Hannibal premiers on NBC. I take a liking to the show immediately and decide to make a dedicated blog for it on Tumblr. Over the next few months my following grows by leaps and bounds as I make friends with other Hannibal dedicated blogs and we all like the show. NBCHannibal (the official Tumblr) gets unusually involved with the fandom and promoting other blogs via reblogging their posts. This included my blog. I never set out to have a popular blog because on Tumblr you can’t really have any opinion that is your own without being attacked but before I knew it I had close to 2000 followers.

Summer Of 2013: I was deep into the fandom, one of my “best” friends was a girl named Laura Spencer from a blog she ran called IDontFindYouThatInteresting she was a wolf in sheep’s clothing at best. Her plan was to turn the fandom into a business in any way that she could it was just something that I didn’t realize until it was too late. I started to have opinions of my own (which is a big No-No on Tumblr) and one of my most unpopular opinions was that the character of Abigail Hobbs was the worst on the show. Laura was initially fine with this but suddenly took issue with me saying it. Eventually this led to her starting rumors about me because she wanted to get rid of me and at some point did declare that she wanted to be Queen of the fandom.

Fall Of 2013: Laura has an entire tag about me on her blog just to trash me and spread rumors. I contact her repeatedly asking her to stop talking about me and to get rid of the tag. She says the tag isn’t bullying or harassment (or causing people to harass me) it’s just there to “warn” people to stay away from me. It was full of lies like I was psychotic and refused to take my medication or that I had bullied a “trans person” into killing themselves. Nothing had any real evidence or substance to back it up but on Tumblr if you’re a “Queen Bee” you don’t need proof to back up anything you say. People just believe you. Laura then started to tell me if I didn’t want to be harassed it would just be easier to delete my blog and leave.

Winter Of 2013: I had enough of this because I was an adult (Laura was too even though she never behaved like it) so I deleted my blog and moved to another one. Laura hunted me down to that one and got people to harass me there. She did this to six blogs until finally she lost track of me. She had decided that not only should I not be allowed in the fandom I also shouldn’t be allowed on Tumblr even if I wasn’t in the fandom. She used her thousands of followers to enforce this. I was not the only one she did this to, she got rid of any blog she didn’t like in this manner by posting about them in her wank tag and making sure her followers would go after whoever she didn’t like.

Spring Of 2014: Hannibal comes back for a second season but I start to really hate how stupid and fan service driven it had gotten around episode five or so. I stop watching entirely, but I’m curious to know what will happen to my favorite character, Freddie Lounds. The show had always had massive issues with leaking information and spoilers so I figured if I looked around hard enough I could find out what was going to happen to Freddie. I don’t know why I cared enough to look as hard as I did but this was like seven years ago so cut me some slack. I noticed that Laura was reblogging and promoting a website known as constantly. As it turned out this was a Tumblr blog just using a custom domain hosting name. It seemed that she was “roleplaying” as Freddie Lounds and getting advanced information from the show.

This woman, at the time, went by the name Frederica Avery and posed as if she was roleplaying or larping (real life constant roleplay of a fictional character) 24/7. She had a partner who she only referred to as Hannibal who played other roles for her like a male version of Abigail Hobbs that they called Gail as well as Matthew (Jonathan Tucker’s cameo plot device character in all of two or three episodes). I never learned this woman’s real name but it’s thought to be Amanda. In any case, I was told that she was transgender by Frederica and that she was in the process of transitioning. Also they were engaged to be married and most of the time this woman was her Hannibal so that’s what I ended up calling her. I say her because when you did talk to this person alone she would tell you she had no plans of transitioning to male and wasn’t trans she just liked to crossplay (aka: dress up like male fictional characters). To this day I don’t know who this woman was or where she went.

Summer Of 2014: I get closer to this Frederica woman and slowly but surely she brings me into her little “group”. Something that she called Tattle Staff. They were people that would go to conventions for her on their own behalf (with their own money) and she would give them fake printed out press badges that had their name and her website written on it. These people were never paid for their time or efforts working these conventions for her even though she was like a slave driver about it. In any case, I was involved in dozens of Skype voice chats with Frederica as well as other members of her staff like Roxy (who played Will Graham among other characters) Lauren Skaggs (Who played Chilton mainly) and a girl named Jamie (not the same person as the Skarsgard Scam artist).

It was over this period of time that I realized that Frederica had not only me on a leash but the rest of the “staff” as well. I had pulled my friend Sam into this because she wanted to do art for the website to get exposure. Something she later realized was a mistake but Frederica was one hell of a good manipulator and managed to get several artists to work for just “exposure”. She also talked merchants out of their merchandise on etsy and was always loaded up with free gifts from the fandom for making false promises. One of her biggest promises (and lies) was that she had direct ties to Bryan Fuller (the creator of the show) and if someone worked for her then she could eventually get them a real, paying job with NBC and Bryan Fuller. None of which was true but it was hard to disprove because Fuller himself kept promoting as a “real” website which Frederica used to her advantage to prove that she worked for him and was official. It wasn’t until season three of the show when I made a huge deal about it did she actually put up a disclaimer explaining that she was not official to the show nor did she represent NBC.

Frederica was obsessed with Lauren Skaggs. The young woman who was her Frederick Chilton. When you worked for Frederica you got assigned a character from the show almost immediately. Usually it was based on who she was shipping herself with that week. She believed, truly, she was the Real Freddie Lounds and the show was her actual life and portraying her as a person. At first it just seemed she was very committed to roleplaying but over time it became clear she actually thought these things were true to a very high level. One where she was at least not willing to break character to admit much of what was going on in reality. Her obsession with Lauren was dangerous and obscene. For one, she only would call Lauren by her screen name which was a TheTuxedos and it was mostly a shortened variation like “Tux” or “My Tux”. She was convinced everyone was out to get this girl and “Take her away”. That Lauren’s only real friend was herself and she wasn’t allow to trust anyone else. Frederica took massive advantage of Lauren (who was 17 years old when they first met) from the start. Convincing her that the whole world was out to get her and there was no one she could trust but obviously she could trust FREDERICA.

In July or so, there was an announcement that Mads Mikkelsen would be doing his first appearance at a convention in New Jersey. Me, Sam, and a friend of hers traveled to that state to be among the first fans to meet him. This was amidst a bunch of people in the fandom saying I shouldn’t be allowed to go because I hated the show/Mads/you name it. Grown adult women writing entire essays about what I should be allowed to do with my time and money. People like Nickie Michaud Wild who still, to this day, runs three Hannibal related blogs and is in her forties. Those types of people. Sam was going as “official staff” for and it ended up being a nightmare for her. Frederica yelled at her on the phone all day, constantly sending her back into the autograph room for autographs and to get a picture of Mads Mikkelsen with her business card so she could use it to promote her website and make it seem more official and authentic. At the same time Roxy and Lauren were at SDCC. Frederica had a weird plan to buy literally all of the special edition Funko Hannibal dolls so she could use them as promotional giveaway material on her website. Roxy and Lauren didn’t manage to get even one of the dolls despite waiting in line for literal hours trying to.

Fall Of 2014: Sam tells me that I need to stop talking to Frederica, I ask her why, but she won’t give me a reason. I didn’t care all that much because I didn’t like talking to her as it was. She kept me up at all hours of the night and was prone to throwing tantrums if she didn’t get her way. This was with me or anyone else in the group. If I didn’t have to deal with her I didn’t want to so it was decided I would no longer speak to her. There was an incident where Sam was doing some art work for Frederica to be sent to the writers and Bryan Fuller but when it was sent off, Frederica only credited herself and Lauren. As you can imagine this pissed off all the other artists who had worked for her and it was around that time that Sam told me I could finally tell Frederica off like I’d wanted to do for months by that point. It was also around that time that Lauren was going to travel across the country to meet Frederica in person.

It should be kept in mind that Lauren, Roxy, Sam, literally all of us had never seen a photograph of Frederica by that point. We still haven’t seen what she looked like within that time period but we had no idea who she really was. She refused to show her face on video chat, she refused to put up pictures of herself where you could see her face. Mostly there were photos of her hands, legs, feet, or the wig that she claimed was her real hair. Never her face. Despite this she was somehow known as “the best Freddie Cosplayer” which was fucking stupid but whatever. When I found out that Lauren was planning to go visit this freak of nature I flat out said she shouldn’t go because she was going to get raped. Sam and I tried to talk her out of going. Lauren admitted at a few points she knew that Frederica was bad for her but she was going to go anyway. There was a plan that if things got too bad then Sam would come drive to pick her up in Illinois where Frederica was currently living.

This is a draft copy of the letter that I sent to Frederica back in 2014. I know that it was cleaned up a bit to have less cuss words as per request by Sam but it’s still basically the letter I sent her.

This e-mail was sent on October 30th 2014 and the only reason I remember that was it was the day that Frederica was claiming was her real birthday. It was also the first day that Lauren had arrived at the “Murder house” as Frederica called it, and so I knew immediately what the fallout of sending the letter actually was. Frederica had a total breakdown and locked herself in the bathroom for three hours, refusing to come out. All of this was relayed to Sam via text messages from Lauren. At first, Lauren thought her breakdown was hilarious and then it just became annoying. Frederica eventually only agreed to come out of the bathroom if Lauren held her, kissed her, and stroked her hair to calm her down. Something Lauren didn’t want to do at first but ended up having no choice.

The entire time that Lauren was visiting, Frederica refused to use her real name (either calling her Frederick or Tux) and refused to recognize her actual gender pronouns. Lauren when she first visited Frederica way back in October of 2014, identified as female and asexual. She spent thousands of dollars to visit, of her own money which was never paid back. She was not allowed to leave the Murder House without Frederica and her partner there and she had to drive them all around town at her own expense and gas money. Whenever they were out, if Frederica saw something she wanted Lauren to buy her she’s throw a tantrum if she was told no. Like a child. Lauren was only supposed to stay at that house for two weeks but stayed there a full month before driving home completely broke.

When she did get back she claimed that she was never going back there because she hated Frederica. She locked herself in her room for a few days and wouldn’t talk to anyone. Her parents wanted to get the police involved for reasons unknown and Lauren’s brothers wanted to go to Illinois where Frederica was living to confront her. None of which ever happened, and the reason as to why is unknown but everyone was very upset in this time period. Sadly, less than a month after that point, Frederica had wormed her way back into Lauren’s life and she dropped everything to leave Utah and move in with Frederica. At first it seemed as if she may have been living by herself in her own apartment but that is also unknown. What is known is she was constantly bugging people to loan her money and not paying it back until one by one they all cut her off. When I tried to offer her money for a commissioned painting, Frederica sent it back to me saying it was a trick and I was evil and Lauren could not accept my money.

December 2014: Frederica has Lauren under her thumb and she’s also working, for free, for NBC doing a commissioned art piece once a week to promote the show. She was slave driving Lauren to make art at an extreme pace while masquerading as an official mouthpiece to the show. One by one her “staff” dropped off and all she had was Lauren but that didn’t matter because Lauren was brainwashed into what she wanted and her obsession. She did anything Frederica told her to do. Lauren had stated many times that she knew that Frederica was no good for her but also the only woman who would ever care about her. No one really knows what Frederica did exactly to accomplish the brainwashing of Lauren but it’s widely believed she used the BITE MODEL.

It was around this time that Sam and I started to discuss how odd it was that Frederica never showed her face online even on private Skype video calls. We came to the conclusion that it had to have something to do with being either a wanted criminal or people were after her for some reason and because of her popularity she couldn’t risk being seen because those people (whoever they were) would find her. We did not believe her story about being stalked by an Ex-Boyfriend because even her current partner “Hannibal” said that story wasn’t true and greatly exaggerated by Frederica. This led me into trying to find out what her real identity was. This was also around the time that Hannibal was announced as cancelled and that season three would be the last season.

It wasn’t long before someone sent me a link to the Sarah Saga and the Final Fantasy VII house. They said that, initially, the Sarah Saga sounded like Frederica. I read it, and I saw some similarities but I did not think that this Sarah was the same as Frederica Avery. I figured that if anything, they were former associates because they acted the same way but they weren’t the same person. Possibly in the same cult at some point. The FFVII house write up on the Demon Sushi website was what really caught my eye. Specifically this letter from someone named Candywrapper. It was so close to the letter that I had written, nearly word for word, that I realize that there was no way that this woman I had been calling Frederica was Jennifer Cornet. Once I was positive of this fact I got on Twitter and sent her a tweet that said something along the lines of:

Jennifer Cornet, is that you?

It was only a matter of days in which her account went private and a month later her website was taken down, only leaving up a little graphic thanking people for their support but was closed and not coming back. There were also rumors that she moved into the American Gods fandom (because Bryan Fuller was doing that show next) and a possible new Twitter account for her was discovered but only after it had also been abandoned. At that point I was 99% sure she was Jennifer Cornet. I contacted Zack from Demon Sushi who also said it sounded like her but unless she said it was her, he couldn’t confirm. I talked to Mela and her wife from the FFVII house who said basically the same thing. I found other former members of her cult who were able to identify her voice from YouTube videos and other recordings on the Tattle-Crime website. Still, not proof positive but enough. Especially since she had run off so fast after I sent that tweet.

It would take another few years to get proof positive confirmation that Frederica Avery was Jennifer Cornet, but I managed to do it. People still don’t believe me, even people who have seen the proof, so I stopped trying. It doesn’t matter to me because I know it’s the truth. The following is what transpired after the show Hannibal ended.

Jennifer’s partner, fiance, husband, whatever, kicked her and Lauren out of the house in Lake Forest Illinois. Lauren and Jennifer went back to Utah where they rented a house from Lauren’s grandmother. Lauren was only allowed to leave when Jennifer let her and no one was allowed to come over to see Jennifer or hang out and Jennifer never left the house in Utah. However, Lauren’s mother was the one who approached me. After reading my website and seeing my vidoes she asked me how I knew all of this had happened and if I was involved with the original group. If I was one of her victims. I said yes, kind of, but definitely not more than Lauren was. It was then that Lauren’s mother told me that Jennifer as using the name Constance Flynn and police were involved but we’d be in touch. It wasn’t until Lauren’s mother got a hospital bill in Jennifer’s name that she believed that woman was Jennifer Cornet. I showed her mother a very old photograph of Jennifer and asked if that was the woman she had met. Her mother confirmed it was the same person but the person she knew was about “200 pounds heavier”. It was then that I got my confirmation. The only problem was about a month before that point, when police got involved, Lauren and Jennifer rented a moving truck and left. The last known alleged location for Lauren and Jennifer was a “visiting relatives in Oregon” even though a bunch of people from the FFVII house insisted that Jennifer does not have any relatives in Oregon. Where they are as of now is not known but they are still together and as far as I know, Lauren is still with Jennifer even though her family and her friends want her to go home.

Alleged Crimes Committed By Jennifer Within The Time I Knew Her:

  1. Using a fake name on a P.O Box address
  2. Signing contracts with NBC and Bryan Fuller with a fake name
  3. Taking donations under false pretenses
  4. Allegedly purchasing forged tickets to SDCC
  5. Misrepresenting herself as official for a network (like NBC)
  6. Rigging several giveaway contests to cheat a TV Network out of merchandise

There are tons of other things she could be accused of but a lot of them aren’t very known to be true or not. The problem is that Lauren, by the time she moved in with Jennifer was an adult. As such, Lauren cutting off all of her hair and choosing to identify as a man for a period of time (and also stay with Jennifer, cover for her, lie for her, and give her all of her money) isn’t really illegal. It’s coercion, abuse, manipulation, brainwashing but if Lauren thinks she wants to be with Jennifer then no crime has been committed and police can’t just go and get her. It’s not kidnapping because it’s not illegal for an adult to run off with another abusive adult and stay with them even if it’s a bad situation. The reason I have my story out there and published is to alert people to this going on and hopefully, one day, Lauren will come to her senses and just go back home. She’s better off without Jennifer Cornet (or whatever name she might be going by these days).

Image result for "Jennifer Cornet"
Picture Of Jennifer Cornet circa 2002 or so. She has gained a lot of weight.

Additional Sources and Links:

The Original Tattle-Crime Blog (Penned By Jennifer Cornet)

A Picture of Jennifer “Cosplaying” Freddie Lounds

A Picture of Jennifer’s Gloved Hand “Cosplay”

A Picture of Lauren/Lauren Cosplaying Mason Verger

An Unhappy Mads Mikkelsen Holding The Tattle-Crime Business Card

A Picture of Lauren posing with Roxy who is Cosplaying as Will Graham

A Picture of Lauren with Bryan Fuller

A Video Of Roxy, her former Partner “AL”, and Jennifer’s Voice on the Phone having a “Tattle Staff” Meeting.

A Video of “Freddie” trying to “Bribe” people for Information

A Video of Jennifer (Freddie) Talking to a Will Graham Funko Doll

All the information I have written here is the truth as I know it. I do have a lot of proof to back up what I’m saying but since people think I’m lying any way I’m not going out of my way to upload and provide it. If you have your doubts and need to know more you can use my contact form or look through Jennifer’s old blog yourself. She also had a secondary “personal” blog for roleplay which you can find here to read over. Feel free to compare this to the original Demon-Sushi stuff. There are Jennifer defenders out there (mostly on Reddit) who deny that this is Jennifer, that I made this up, that I am Jennifer, that this is pretend, roleplay, or I’m “play acting” as a journalist. The truth is that this is what happened, it happened to me, and if it hadn’t I’d hardly believe it myself. If you want to believe me then you can if you don’t then you don’t. If you have any information you want to add to what is presented here you can use my contact form to speak with me and I’ll get to it when I get to it.

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  1. Wow you work really hard on this stuff. I just kinda came across it and I kinda hope you’re doing OK? It sounds like you’ve had some really hard times with some really wild people. :/


  2. You sound like you’ve had a hard time of things. I hope they are getting better. Also I hope I didn’t mess up and post more than one comment, I couldn’t figure out how to log into my wordpress; it’s been ages.


    1. Don’t worry about it and it has been hard but if these people are gonna stalk me anyway I don’t see why I should remove my website or whatever. I think it’s more sad that their lives are so dependent on mine when my life isn’t all that interesting to begin with lol


  3. Just got into this fucking deep ass rabbit hole, respect to you for your diligence and care for your friend. I don’t believe Jennifer would go through the effort of making this site as an expose to cover herself. Clearly, you are not Jennifer. Gone through all the reddit posts, have seen what I believe to be your real name, but as you do not use it here will keep it to myself. Hopefully this will be solved one day. From the FFVII house to now, this is a ridiculously long time for nothing to come of it. Again, very much respect your diligent work towards the truth, hopefully more can come around to it. A bit of a heads up – it took me A LOT of digging, to find this specific post, before reading this, I was tetering between your side and the redditors side, if theres any way this can get more exposure to help prove you are simply, in no way, Jen – that would be exemplary. Very interested in this, and if there is in anyway I can help, you should have my email to contact me.


    1. The people on Reddit hate me and have genuinely gone out of their way to misrepresent who and how I am. I suppose if you want this post to get more exposure then share it with people and on websites that you think would appreciate the information. For the record, no one on Reddit or any other forum has my legal name right but I’ve given up trying to convince them of that.


  4. wow this story is so fucking creepy. i actually remember my older cousin talking to me about demon-sushi’s journal posts back in 2009 when i was like 10 bc she was a huge ff7 fan and got creeped out from the whole ordeal. this is absolutely insane. i wonder what fandom she’s terrorizing now? also, any news on lauren? is she ok?


    1. No news on Lauren or anything really. I keep this place open with a contact form just in case anyone wants to come forward but so far nothing has happened other then either trolls, my stalkers trying to bait me, or people who knew me a long time ago contacting me to talk. I wish it was different but it’s not. I hope that Jen isn’t in any fandom as of now but honestly, she has to be since that’s how she makes money. I feel bad for all the girls she’s going to scam already and how no one is going to do anything to stop it once again.


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