The Australian Catfishers

This is a story I’m not willing to let die because it’s absolutely insane. Though I’m not sure what the purpose of it is or why they continue it I can say that it is being continued for some reason. I have my theories and I will get to them by the end. Since this is a long and complicated story that takes place over the course of about three years I will just throw it up in bullet points (then add my photographic evidence) and if anyone has any additional questions they can use my contact form to ask.

All of this started shortly after the Jennifer Cornet thing had occurred in my life. A friend of mine who I’ll just call Lisa, approached me and told me about these people she was interacting with online and that they had become threatening. She was insistent that one of them was either a KGB member in Russia or someone from the Russian mafia. She showed me the threats that he had been sending her which were pretty graphic. The threats started to come in after she refused to take money to move to Russia and be a family with him. I set out to prove to her that there were no Russian mafia members online doing this. What happened next was just pure insanity for about three years of time.

Lisa had met all of them as part of a roleplay group on a website called Tumblr. I decided I was going to make a roleplay blog and interact with them to try to get into this and make friends with them. I can’t stress enough that these people had characters they played publicly (fictional characters) but when you were to talk to them behind the scenes through private messages they would say they were different people. They all had fake names and aliases and almost all of them were Russian. As for names that I can remember, there were a lot, but I only mainly dealt with a key few at the start.

Krystal Mather was one of the first people I interacted with for roleplay. After that point I was introduced to someone named “Nick” who later became Nikolai. His real identity is still unknown despite all of the photographs that were sent to me. There was also James, who was allegedly Scottish and a huge fan of Billy Idol. Caleb was around too, he was Australian they said, and would excuse his long absences from his blog by also saying that he lived in the middle of nowhere and had really bad internet, it was Australia after all. It wasn’t long before Matt (later Matvei) Zack (Later Zakhar) Kaz (Later Kazimir) Hunter (later Demyan) and Buster (later Sasha/Lex) would come into the group.

There was a point where a girl named Kiah started to say that all of the Russian/male blogs were run by Krystal. There were a lot of them, a lot more than I’m bothering to mention because, as I said, I didn’t have heavy interactions with all of them. Kiah actually pointed out very good evidence as to how Krystal could be running all of the blogs and why. The only problem was Kiah hated me, I knew that, and I knew she had every reason to be lying to me so I just didn’t believe her. Eventually Nikolai came forward and was able to mostly convince me that Kiah was out of her mind and that wasn’t true. Krystal was able to do it as well. As I said since I already didn’t trust Kiah it was easier for me to believe two other people above her and ignore it. I always held the information in the back of my mind, though and was on the look out for all the similarities and clues Kiah had mentioned.

To keep a long story short, what I will say is it was about that point where I became intent on catching them in a lie. I think they believed they had me into it hook, line, and sinker but in reality I was just trying to get to the truth so I pretended to play into what they were doing. There were red flags everywhere, and there were dozens of times when I called them out, to their face, for lying to me. They never would admit they were lying they just doubled down with more “proof” which they were very good at doing. I never wanted to push too hard because I knew that if I did they’d just block me and I wouldn’t get answers.

This continued for a very long time until eventually one of them slipped up. All of the chats had moved to Discord and a “new” guy named “Demo” Came in. His username was D8M1EN for the longest time. I remember arguing with him a lot and telling him that I just wanted the truth. No more stories or games just the truth and he would tell me that this was “the truth” and not a game. It wasn’t until he tried to get into my TattleCrime discord that I realized who he really was.

You see, I had a Discord for them and I had a public Discord for my TattleCrime stuff. Months before that point, one of them (Allegedly named Demyan) came into the Discord and started to threaten people. I wasn’t in there at the time but one of my Admins banned him. No harm no foul. Discord bans by IP address so what I’m about to say will make sense in a moment. Now, this new guy Demo wanted into the discord and I didn’t care if he got in or not so I sent him an invite. Well, it kept rejecting him. On a whim, I went into the “Banned users” list of my Discord and unbanned Demyan, then I sent this new guy a link and I said “Try now”. Low and behold, he was suddenly able to get in. This was when I started to confront him, tirelessly about either being Demyan himself, or using the same computer or whatever. He stuck to the lie that he didn’t know what had happened and he wasn’t Demyan…blah blah blah. I told him he was caught so he might as well just give it the fuck up. I then went to sleep.

The next day when I got on Discord I saw that the user name for him had been changed from D8M1EN to something completely different. Not that I remember what at this point but I wondered why. That’s when I decided to google that specific user name in quotes. It brought me to an Instagram account with that name and a profile picture of the man I knew as “Demyan” except this man’s name was Damien Georgie Miles. I plugged that name into Facebook and found a real Facebook profile for a real man with that name. I also found a man named Bradley Sedgwick and a woman named Jilly Cooper. All Facebook profiles active and very real. I confronted all of them, with pictures, chat transcripts, you name it. All of them denied that they were involved but none of them seemed concerned that their photos has been used in this catfishing/scam thing. Which bothered me. I know that if some random stranger approached me and told me the same story (that my pics had been used to catfish them) I’d want to know who did it, why, and I’d be very concerned. All of them were very “meh” about it. Like, “Well that happens all the time can’t do anything about it so why even try?”. Things didn’t get weird until Damien directly mentioned Krystal’s name, saying “Krystal sends her regards” and then I was sent chat transcripts proving they were in direct contact with one another.

Whatever they are doing they were caught they just don’t want to admit it. My theory as to why is in the realm of either whatever they are actually doing is so bad that they’d rather people just believe it’s a lame catfishing scam or this has a lot to do with Krystal using her special needs kids as bait to get people to give her money. Theory three has to do with the fact that Krystal is a shut in and seems to be an internet addict. If you do the math and the research you can see that in Australia she can literally make THOUSANDS a month sitting on her fat ass at home playing these internet fantasy games while neglecting her children. How Damien, Brad, Jilly, and the others play into it I have no idea but I’d classify them as at least enablers. Part of me thinks it’s possible that Damien is the father to at least one of Krystal’s children and she may be blackmailing him.

In the end, it is unknown what all of them are really doing or what they want. I as well as several other girls were asked several times to travel to other countries and offered money to do so. I and several others girls were coerces into taking nude or risque pictures for this group (some of these girls are minors). It is impossible to say if any of them sent Krystal money (she certainly was always trying to get it from me by claiming she was poor and starving I just knew better than to send her anything). She has a wide ring of people surrounding her that believe her BS, whatever it is and she happens to be telling them, and she also is getting rich off of Aussie government money to play this game and write copious amounts of disturbing adult fan fiction for David Bowie. It is known from one of Damien’s ex-girlfriends that once confronted on this information he gets very panicky and paranoid and won’t actually say anything to anyone about Krystal but that’s where the trail ends.

If you know more information about Krystal Mather, Damien Georgie Miles, or Bradley Sedgewick please feel free to contact me and let me know the truth. If you are one of these people shown in one of these pictures in my gallery and want to clear up any misinformation, you can contact me via the same form.

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