The Not So Anonymous Stalkers (Part II)

These people are fascinatingly stupid or just outright wrong about any of my motives and fail to realize the irony in the things that they say. As such I’m going to directly answer some of the stupid statements they’ve made. I also don’t visit their thread masturbating over me nearly as much as they think I do. Trust me, these people are way more obsessed with making up stories about me than the actual facts and here is where I intend to address and prove it.


I love how she insists that everything we know about her is wrong, she’s shitting her pants because she knows her haters know where she lives.

As if any bank would lend her money to buy a house.

It’s really funny that they think this. It’s like they believe they know my life. When they really don’t. I do live in my own house. It’s a nice one too. They are shitting their pants because they don’t know where it is. Since they can’t dox me like they always do (because they don’t have that information) they pretend that their lies are truth. Quite frankly I’m completely fine with them thinking I live where I don’t. It saves me a lot of harassment issues. Sorry guys, I got my own house and a nice job. I know it hurts your fantasies to think that but here we are.


it’s funny how she shrieked about writers (specifically illskillsgard) in the bill skarsgard fandom having a patreon and a kofi and she turns around and wants people to subscribe to a post of hers that’s most likely riddled with lies. the hypocrisy is amusing. and really, who is going to pay to read her opinion? on two people who aren’t really all that well known outside of Sweden? i thought she said she was done with bill skarsgard yet she’s continuing to talk about him. i love how she’s always contradicting herself

What they seem not to get is the fact that I’m doing this because of irony? Like I’m literally making pay posts so they will complain that I am charging people money. As for their assertion that no one reads my posts or blog…let me show you the actual stats for that.

Wow, that’s a lot more than “Two people” isn’t it? Like…a ton more. I’m not going to claim this website is famous but they always talk about it as if only one or two people actually look at it when the fact of the matter is that it gets about 100 views per day. Probably some from them (cause they are obsessed with me) and random views. Whatever the case may be I’m not as “lame’ as they definitely want me to be. Oh and someone did buy a post to unlock it…which makes it even more hilarious because they said no one would. Hell, I didn’t think anyone would because that was not ever my intent but at the end of the day they just keep making up stories about me because they don’t have the facts. It must really burn them that even though this website is a last thought, an after note, barely anything to me….I’m still more successful at it than they claim or they want me to be. Alright…next issue:

No. 1172003

She is trying to sell nudes but insists she has a great job and lots of money!
At this point I’m surprised she doesnt have an only fan.
Im sure there are men who would pay to see her right?

Once again, they fail to realize the irony of this…a paywall for nudes. Literally did it so they would complain about it. Later on in the thread someone says they doubt there’s any information behind these paywalls. You think? You fucking retards? Of course not. There isn’t information there. I’d be an idiot to give you guys anything. You already have enough nudes that you masturbate yourself to. That’s why you have that thread isn’t it? To get yourself off since no one will touch you? Oh but wait…there’s even more ridiculousness coming up:

>>1192716[Archived Copy]

This blog posts sounds like Eve. Like she tried desperately to write it from a stranger’s viewpoint. Meanwhile jacking Eve’s dick the whole time with supposed observations and findings. Notice how she subtly plugs her “script” at the end lol


She clearly reads this thread closely, she deleted her YouTube videos after someone here called her voice nasally

First and foremost I don’t run that “WhoIsJenniferCornet” blog on tumblr. Why would I need to? I have this website, right here. What is their logic though? They also talk randomly about me bragging about a production company picking up my script (Never said that was going to happen) I also didn’t delete my youtube because someone made fun of my voice. I literally did a video saying that I was getting rid of my youtube channel because it wasn’t worth the harassment. Literally this harassment right here. The harassment from the incel trolls on Reddit who wanna fuck Jennifer Cornet (You can tell with how they defend Jen they just wanna get into her XL panties). The truth is that I never once said I was going to sell a script, I never once said that a production company had picked it up, I never have made an IMDB page, and I do not run that blog. Nor do I come and look at their little forum as much as they think (as I said before).

Why look at all, you might ask? Well…every so often I at least need to make sure they don’t have any current information on me. Which they don’t. Nothing they have is current. Not my address, not my blogs, not my account names, nothing. Literally nothing. It’s also always good for a laugh. They scream, whine, and complain that all I do is “make up shit and lie” but that’s what they are doing. Pot meet kettle. I hope you enjoy this post and the blurb I left for you cunts on tumblr telling you to drink bleach already. There has got to be someone more interesting than me to write your fan fiction about and I’d be flattered if I weren’t so creeped out. Give it up. You lost track of me and if it weren’t for this website here that you jizz over every time I bother to post you’d have nothing. You fucking need me and it’s pathetic…how do you not end your life daily knowing that’s the painful truth? Answer me that.

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      1. truthfully, i’m not the person running the forum. i’m friends with adifferentfocus and was annoyed at how batshit people were acting towards her so i let you know hoping maybe it would clear things up somehow but obviously it didn’t because these people can’t comprehend anything. honestly i’m sorry i dragged you into it, it only served to send the person making the accusations into a tailspin


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