I Don’t Have Blogs On Tumblr (Anonymous Stalkers Part III)

For whatever reason, even though I post here freely all the time, well maybe not all the time but enough that it’s current, the anonymous stalker club has still decided that I am on tumblr for whatever reason. To be fair, I made one blog and one post to address this which I guess they missed but I’m not going to continue that in any case. I’ll just delete that blog because at this point I’m convinces they will just keep naming random blogs as mine until they are blue in the face because they are obsessed with me. I don’t know why they are obsessed with me cause I’m a very boring person and this website isn’t even all that interesting but whatever. Here is proof that it’s happening at least.

This is one of the more recent blogs they accused of being me. Someone called “whoisjennifercornet“. If you actually go read that blog, for one, it hasn’t posted anything in 63 days and for two the very first post explains that whoever made it is named Diana and is transgender. The one post they do have about me bashes me pretty badly and is full of misinformation (like they actually pulled the information from this forum) and have no idea what they are talking about. That blog is not my blog. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, why would I need to go back to that website when I have this blog to post whatever I want? Seriously? It makes no sense. They also all know where this website is. Like…no shit I’m not these blogs? Oh but wait there’s more. There’s a long…long history of these people accusing blogs of being me that are not me.

The next blog was this one. Which I went to look at myself. I don’t know who runs it but the blog is very PRO-ALIDA and I’m not in favor of Alida at all…or even Bill anymore for that matter. I just stay out of it like I said in a post already. Kind of done with that fandom. I might browse around from time to time to look at new stuff but the last thing I want to do is talk to these people they are insane. Mostly because if you go back and look at the anonymous stalker board you will find that one of the blogs in the tumblr group made a huge obsessively long post about that blog being me.

So here you can see them discussing if it is me or not. One of them says it’s not me and as far as they know I have stayed away from Tumblr. Which I have because I have this website. Then someone else replies that they don’t know and then posts amberlynn666‘s rants about how that blog is me. If you go look at that blog you can see them defending themselves saying they aren’t me (which they aren’t because it’s definitely not me) but amberlynn666 has such a hate boner for me it seems like she has to be either part of the anonymous stalker forum herself or she was one of the original haters (like Krystal Mather or Monica Morais). Yet this still isn’t the only time this has happened after I left tumblr. I haven’t been actively on there for months since last year in October. Right so here’s some more bits of them listing blogs that aren’t mine.

As you can see, dating back months ago (and I’m sure for months to come) they will be talking about what blog I am or am not on tumblr even though I don’t have a blog on tumblr that I use. It would be hilarious if it also weren’t so sad. They also seem to fail to realize that their tumblr anti-alida chat is public literally anyone with the tumblr app can long in and see this chat so you find crazy statements like this. They go on to admit that they are going to harass the “Bowie out of her David” until she gives up and makes another account. Like…these people want to call me a lunatic or whatever and maybe in a lot of ways I am insane. It’s hard to stay sane when you have people doing this to you but these blogs aren’t mine. I don’t need to have a tumblr blog when I have this website. A website everyone knows I already have. I also read the post by amberlynn666 on what that differentfocus blog has to be me and she’s like totally bipolar and manic about it. No, amber child I’m over here on this blog which isn’t a secret nor have I tried to make it secret. If you even bothered to look at the anonymous forum that you keep linking people to, they know that I’m on this website they’ve complained about it because I have paywalls and they can’t realize the irony behind why I have pay walls. In the end, I don’t need tumblr and I won’t have to go back to tumblr because…why? I have my own website. I have my own blog here. I have everything I could want while also not having to deal with fandom drama and harassment. I do think that it’s funny that they so desperately want to be harassed by me that they invent their own persecution but in reality I’m not any of these blogs and never will be. Give it up amberlynn666 you didn’t stumble on anything remarkable. At all. You’re just a stupid obsessive bitch like the rest of them.

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