Here’s The Truth (Which The Stalkers Will Ignore)

I do not currently run like 17 different blogs on tumblr as these people claim. I’ve looked at the blogs they have listed and I fail to see how any of them could be me. One is defending Alida and another one hasn’t actually made a post in a long time. It seems all they do is reblog pictures of Bill Skarsgard. Even if you look at the lolcow forum (aka: The not so anonymous haters) they admit that this is a bunch of obsessive finger pointing and accusations without any real substance to back it up. It has become a witch hunt because, the fact of the matter is that I am not any of the blogs they keep harassing, fingering, or labeling as me. I am only here and yes I made that one blog on tumblr to talk to AmberLynn666. It’s weird how she feels somehow empowered to harass people she thinks are me (but aren’t) yet she has literally not one word to say to my face. Is it because deep down she knows I’m not those blogs and she’s confronting an innocent victim? Or is she so obsessed with me she has to invent people to be me to feel like she’s gotten attention from me? Whatever the case is, she can talk right to me if she wants. I’m not hiding where I am. I’m right here and I’m on that one tumblr blog. Just the one.

At this point they seem terribly frustrated that I have done what I said I would do. I left the website (other than the one blog I made to try to reach out to AmberLynn666) and then I have this blog. I really don’t want to be on tumblr nor do I have a need to be on there. Especially not with what’s going on with these people. Once again, despite popular belief I have a job, I have a life, and I have things to do that do not and will not ever involve tumblr again. These people, who aren’t as anonymous as they think they are which I’ve already proven in another thread, have been keeping this up for an entire year. Now that I’m not on their precious tumblr or in their precious fandom they have gone nuts wanting me back. These people are so miserable that they hate the fact that I left since it gives them nothing in life to do. Keep in mind, one of them is a 45 year old woman who never leaves her house and has about 5 autistic children, constantly being watched by CPS. It’s no wonder she has to fixate on someone or something else being the problem right?

The point is that about 98% of what any of them say about me on there is garbage. They’ll post a screenshot saying that I was “flipping out” or “freaking out” when I just had a response to tell someone or in some cases was just making a joke. A ton of their evidence is expired or leads to broken links. Not to mention the fact that they’ve completely invented screen names that totally used to be mine and even if they did used to be mine (which isn’t even nearly 50% of them) so what? I wouldn’t be using them now. It’s like if I went back in time and told everyone the old screen names of Krystal and her cohorts. How “Nikolay” used to be By-His-Own-Hand and “Tobias” used to be “TheRealJulianPriest” and “Zakhar” was “ISavedTheWorld-For-Her”. Does it matter? That they used to have these screen names years ago? Does it matter that I had screen names years ago that I haven’t used for years? I don’t even get the point of this forum. It’s clearly a bunch of mental fuckwits trying way too hard to make a point about nothing. All I ever did was have my story about Jen. The story always stayed the same. Lemme clear up some common misconceptions about why I deleted everything because honestly what people say happened and what actually happened are two different things:

  1. Someone once stated that I deleted my entire YouTube channel because someone didn’t like my voice. No. The truth is that I was tired of getting so much harassment for doing nothing more than telling my story.
  2. People claim that I can’t take criticism and/or that I hate people who don’t agree with everything I say. The truth is that the people that claim these things are people who are sending outright hate and calling it “Criticism” (Ex: You look like a tranny, you look like a drug addict, you’re addicted to meth, you’re bipolar, you’re off your meds, etc) and when I get annoyed and/or correct them they run around screaming that I can’t take criticism or hate anyone who doesn’t agree with me.
  3. They made claims that I demanded people pay me for my videos. Never happened. What I said was if people wanted better quality videos (or to dictate the content of the videos) then they should pay me. I was doing my YouTube channel for free so I didn’t have the best set up. I never demanded payment from anyone to continue making videos when I was making them. I did say that if people wanted better quality videos or to choose the topics of my videos then they should pay me. I don’t see how that’s unfair.
  4. There are several rumors out there that I’m addicted to Meth. I am not.
  5. There are several rumors out there that I’ve never had a sexual partner and/or I’m a virgin, that’s not true either.
  6. There are several rumors out there that I am either anorexic or bulimic. Also not true.
  7. There are rumors out there that I am inbred and lost all of my teeth when I was 16 years old. Also not true.
  8. There are rumors out there that I have dentures. Also not true.
  9. There are rumors out there that I am a “badly passing transwoman”, I’m biologically female, sorry you can’t tell the different because that’s really sad.
  10. There are rumors I live with a sugar daddy and/or have had one. Also not true.
  11. There are rumors that my real name is Letha Cates which is outright retarded and I know for a fact that rumor was started by Krystal Mather so any time it appears anywhere even if it’s on an “anonymous forum” it’s Krystal doing it.
  12. There are rumors that I starve/abuse my pets and can’t afford pet food. Not true either.

Hopefully I’m starting to make my point here. The vast majority of what any of these forums say, whether it be the lolcow forum or the subreddit, they just don’t have the information right. It’s either because they don’t want it to be right, they know the truth is boring so they twist it, or they are so incredibly psychotically obsessed with making me the bad guy they have to manipulate people into seeing things their way no matter how much of a lie they are telling. What I will say is that if you are seeking information on someone and they are very openly providing it to you via a website they don’t hide…go and ask them what happened. Your best source of truth is right from me, not from the virgin incels on reddit and not from the obsessive autists on lolcow. You have a question, ask me. How hard is it to do that people?

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