Addressing My Use Of The Word “Cult” And More

This is something that these people have always gotten wrong about me. I don’t think that people who like things I don’t like are in a cult. That’s not true at all. I’m not even sure where this mentality comes from. The people I spoke of in the Hannibal/Fannibal cult were a finite amount of people. Which I always went out of my way to explain. I do not think the entire Hannibal fandom is a cult. I do not think that everyone who ships Hannigram is in a cult. I do not and will not ever think that. The cult that I was specifically talking about was a group of about 100-200 women/people who behaved like they were in a cult. As well as the very, very small group that Jennifer Cornet herself was running that she called her staff. I never once said everyone who likes Hannibal is part of a cult. I never once said that every Hannigram shipper is part of a cult. The boldest claim I ever made about Hannigram was that it was not canon, because it’s not (people hate me for saying that). However if people want to ship Hannigram, write fan fic about it, draw it, edit videos, I’m fine with that. I don’t really care. I do have a problem with the people who ignore how abusive the relationship is and call it “romantic” but those are usually the same 100-200 women in that group that I call a cult. This is what I mean by my words and narrative being twisted completely out of context because they want to demonize me and they want to be victims, when in reality I didn’t do or say half the bad shit that they accuse me of doing.

I did initially (and always have) had it out for Jennifer Cornet. On top of that fact in the early days of the fandom (when the show was in its original run) the Hannibal “family” on tumblr for the most part behaved like they were in a cult. There were like 5-10 “Queen Bee Blogs” who ran the show. One of them being Laura Spencer of IDontFindYouThatInteresting. She never wanted to be in the fandom as much as she wanted to make the fandom into a business. She wanted to be a queen. Which she even told people. She also wanted to control not only who could be in the fandom or not but who could use tumblr. She would use her army of thousands of followers to lambaste anyone who didn’t agree with her. It was in a tag called her wank tag. In there if anyone were to come to her with any sort of complaint (valid or not) she would basically send her followers after them to get them to delete. She did it to me and countless others. That’s why I likened her following to a cult. Not only did they follow all of her rules which were strange, arbitrary, and confusing but they threw money at her for really bad artwork and in some cases obvious scams (like her teacup pin kickstarter). That’s why I called those people a cult, they acted like a cult.

It was much the same for people surrounding Jennifer Cornet. She had about 9000 followers on Twitter and around the same on her tumblr (probably a lot of them were cross platform/duplicates) but anything she said, went. If she didn’t like a person, they got attacked, if she wanted to run a scam and make money she made money, if she pretended she needed money for XYZ thing because “OMG YOU GUYS IT’S FOR THE FANDOM!” Then people would throw money at her. Anyone who questioned anything about her, valid complaints or not, were met with irrational hate and they became a “non person”. This is also something that is cult like behavior and it’s why I used the word cult, a lot, and still do. I’m going by behavior of a group and what being in a cult is like. These people, the small amount of them, do behave like they are in an actual cult. End of story. There’s no better way to describe it, but, I by far am not saying it’s the entire fandom or it’s because people like things I don’t like. That’s fucking retarded. Moving on.

Once again this person is twisting what actually happened to demonize me and suit their own narrative. What happened in this specific chat was that someone said that they didn’t think that us discussing Alida and Bill was any of our business. I asked why they were even in the chat then because that’s what the chat was about (I was confused I mean why join a chat specifically about Alida and Bill’s relationship to complain that’s what people are talking about?) and this person, Mongeru or something specifically took issue with ONLY ME. Even though SimplestSimon and others were asking her why she was even in the chat if this was the case, she singled me out specifically, attacked me specifically, and was totally fine with everyone else. This group was and is literally set up to demonize people who do not phrase things the specific way they want them phrased. For example, you aren’t allowed to talk about Alida’s looks except for when you are totally allowed to talk about how she looks. When that instance is? Who the fuck knows because I sure don’t. You also aren’t allowed to say Bill is gay unless you are allowed to say Bill is Gay. This all comes down to what SimplestSimon wants. She basically leads all of the blogs and tells them what they can and can’t post. Though they all will claim “Everyone’s allowed to have a different opinion and that’s okay” that’s not what they mean. At all. I’ve seen several blogs in that chat (since I left) accused of being me for just having a different opinion. Hands down, whoever posted this on the so called “anonymous forum” is one of the 20 or so people in that group chat. Once again they are twisting what actually happened to suit their own narrative, knowing that they are wrong and using it to justify their hate against me. Oh and also, once again they aren’t fucking anonymous because I can pinpoint exactly where the fuck they came from and who the fuck probably said it. This forum isn’t anonymous and somehow they keep forgetting it’s public so I can see what they are accusing me of, sit back and laugh, and wonder why they do this instead of just confronting me to my face. I don’t have any secret blogs on tumblr I am not secretly infiltrating their VERY PUBLIC GROUP CHAT and blogs. Everything they post can be seen publicly…do they really think I’m “Spying on them”? Or is it just that I browse their retarded blogs and public as fuck group forums? I mean holy God these people get dumber and more manipulative by the day.

Remember, there’s always two sides to a story and if you are taking anything these people say at face value without coming to talk to me about it first, then you’re probably not someone I want to talk to anyway.

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