Last Post For Awhile (I’ve Proven My Point)

To address the first comment block:

Not that I really have to because whoever came next is right. These people really fail to realize the irony of all of this. They are obsessed with me because they literally are posting obsessively on a forum dedicated only to me and they are also obsessed with coming here to read what I say about them. They cow tip all the time (as in: They send me messages begging me to check out their pathetic forum) just so I’ll talk about them. They crave my attention and commentary way more than I want or need theirs so yeah the irony of calling me the obsessive one seems to be painfully lost on them.

To address the third block, specifically the first claim that I am losing my shit because the people who actually knew Jennifer cut off communication with me.

For one, they admit they are straight making that up because they have no proof. This has actually not happened, in the slightest. I still communicate with people daily who knew Jennifer Cornet but guess what we don’t talk about? Jennifer Cornet. You know why? Because there’s no fucking point and as of now we all have lives and jobs and other things to do that do not concern that cow. I made one post on this website about it, that’s all there will ever be and I’m just going to leave it there. I’m going to ignore the lies and rumors that reddit and this forum makes up about me to suit their victim narratives and just go quiet. For a long time. I’ve proven my point now haven’t I?

I don’t just reply to “any random troll who leaves a comment”. Trust me, I get a bunch of comments on here about how I’m a tranny with a bad wig and makeup or that I’m a meth addict or this that and the other. I block those people and I trash the comments. The only real people I’ve been responding to are the absolute retards on this forum. That’s it. I’ve also not even responded to all of their comments, I’ve cherry picked. However, if they want to say I’m obsessive and they aren’t (somehow) which is laughable, then I’ll stop first. I won’t check in on their stupid forum, nor will I give them any more food. They’ll continue to talk about me, make shit up about me, accuse random blogs on tumblr of being me (as I’ve more than proven they need me, desperately to obsess over or else they have nothing else in their lives) as I will go on to live my life, my way, doing my job and not giving a shit about them.

In the end, these people need me way more than I need them so…this will be it for a long time. I honestly have better things to do.

One thought on “Last Post For Awhile (I’ve Proven My Point)

Add yours

  1. I don’t know if you care or not, but there are still those of us who very much like and enjoy your blog, your videos, and your content. I listened to your videos all the time at work (embalming), and they were very interesting.

    I understand your caution and why you don’t want to upload them again, and I know I’ll just have to live with that, but I just wanted to say that you do still have fans. Again, I don’t know if you care or not. I don’t mean that in a mean way. I mean that I genuinely can’t tell how you feel about me saying that.

    I remember you saying in one of your videos that you have trauma from parental abuse and you might have said something about how people you’ve considered friends in the past always eventually leave you, so I really do understand you being over it and wanting to be very cautious about who you get to know online. I don’t think you and I even share any fandoms (I suffer from depression and it has killed off my interest in a lot of things). I’m not really sure what else to say. You remind me of an RP friend I lost and miss deeply. I understand how deeply fandom friendships, especially RP friendships run, which is why I think your videos resonated so strongly with me. I think that maybe if we had met before, we would have gotten along alright.


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