Everyone On The Internet Is Me *Unless they Hate Me Of Course*

So I made a post in mid April saying that would be my last post for awhile which it was. After that I sat back and watched what the fuck kind of meltdown they would have on their little not at all anonymous forum about me. Which they totally went ahead and did as I predicted they would. What’s funny is that there can’t be more than 3-5 active people on there. I also know who most of them are (some of them even admit who they are) some of them try to pretend I have “no proof” it’s them but I do. You can read all about it in this post where I explain who is on that forum and why it’s not anonymous even though they scream to the high heavens that there’s no possible way I or anyone could know who is on there. In any case, since my last post about how stupid these people are (and how desperately they need me around to validate them) this has happened.

Here you can see that someone (and I don’t know who it was) came in to say something to them and was immediately banned. You will notice on that forum if anyone speaks up for me, defends me, or doesn’t agree with them not only are they banned almost immediately by they are also accused of being me. This is important to note. Very important. Why? Because they banned me a long fucking ass time ago. Which they know they did. If I were to try to post now it would tell me I’m banned the reason I’m banned is because I’m “Schizophrenic” and that the ban will never expire. Ergo, they know that this cannot be me posting because they know they banned me yet…they just love to accuse everyone of being me.

So here you can see them claiming that I am “talking to myself again” even though they know they banned me. Then they refer to the post I made on my website on April 16th I think where I said it would be my last post for awhile. I didn’t say forever, I said, awhile, and it’s been about a month or so since that point so I’d say that’s a fairly accurate assessment. They just love to twist words that I write while coming here every second of every day to see if I’ve updated. They seem to forget that I get a decent amount of views to my articles and site and that some people may just decide to go on their stupid forum and defend me. It’s like…they don’t see how that’s possible even though I have publicly showed the traffic stats to my website for them to look at. I swear it’s like they live in a tiny ignorant bubble where the only reality that exists is the one the 4 or 5 of them have created and nothing exists outside of that,

Not surprisingly more people come in to ask for proof or anything like that, they explain that this forum is hateful and the replies are in total denial that they hate me. Like, seriously, they seem to think that this level of obsessive word vomiting garbage of lies (and praying that they have destroyed someone’s life) means that they don’t hate that person? I mean it’s fucking hilarious as well as infuriating. Of course they are being hateful, of course they are vile yet the real irony in all of this is they so badly need me to validate them. They cannot exist if I don’t validate them. To a point where they will literally send me messages through my contact form on here and beg me to come see what they’ve done and validate them. While at the same time knowing they already banned me and anyone who defends me so I can’t say anything to them anyway. They literally want a safe space to lie about me that no one can interrupt or explain to them why they are wrong while somehow pretending this makes them superior to me in some way.

I haven’t updated this website in a month. Nothing major at least. I did add updated contact information for Damien Georgie Miles and Bradley Heeler as well as added current pictures of Krystal Mather. I updated all the new names and aliases all of them are using (on my catfishing page) but I did that without much of an announcement or anything. If you want to see the updates, changes, and photos of these people you can go here. Other than that I pretty much just went on with my life. As much as they hate it, I have a new house (my own house) I have a job (a good one) and I exist, have a life, and relationships outside of this fictional world they have built. I’m only posting this to show exactly how crazy they are, oh and they are so desperate for any dirt on me they are digging up shit from 5 years ago now. FIVE YEARS. It’s like, give it up Celine, Monica, Krystal, Damien, and Jamie…no one gives a shit anymore but you. The only reason I ever bother looking is to see what innocent person they have decided to harass next. It’s like they cannot fathom that I’ve left fandoms, don’t deal with them, and am not the type or person they claim me to be. Funny how all of them are exactly the people I say they are and they just keep doubling down with proof. It would be so funny if it wasn’t pathetic. I wonder how these people survive in the real world without constant supervision and serious medication.

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