I’m Back On Twitter Because I wasn’t Banned

According to this person who is probably Celine, I was banned from twitter because of my own behavior when the truth is that I was just sick of being harassed (not to mention the impersonation accounts) so I left. In order to prove that once again they are lying (because everything on that forum is a lie) I have gotten back on twitter. Here’s a link. One of their being complaints seems to be that on twitter I blocked them or anyone who hated me or something? Also that I allegedly sent hate messages then blocked people from responding (though they can’t even prove that happened because it didn’t). So, since they seem to want me back on twitter so badly so they can “chat” with me and totally not harass me again or whatever I called their bluff and made a twitter account. There. Hopefully that will shut them up for good. (This was sarcasm)

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