This Is Katie Dalton: She’s 50 Years Old

This woman has been sending me messages for years if I bother to reply or not. Of course, the moment I get back on twitter she starts to bother me through DMs while at the same time claiming I’m harassing everyone. Keep in mind I have no more than 10 tweets on that account and really only made it to prove that I wasn’t banned from social media as my stalkers claim.

Just in case you don’t want to read all of that, the basic summary is that she’s telling me that she has a new blog and me telling her I don’t care and her telling me I won’t be able to find it, me saying I didn’t ask to find it, blah blah blah. I do know where her old journal is, she used to link me to it all the time and beg me to read it. That’s the only reason I know where it is. She never deleted it so it’s still there. She has a whole tag where she posts about me and calls me random names like “the troll” and “Biznitch” and “she who shall not be named”. In any case, if people think I’m a loser and “too old” for all of this consider how old Katie is. Even the man/woman Monica Morais seems to have given up on bothering me. Then again I’m 99% sure she’s one of the three people on the “Anonymous” forums (cause she’s outright said it) so I guess she knows better than to do it on twitter where she’ll get her account terminated….again.

For the record: I do not care where Katie’s new blog is, I am not looking for it, and I promise it will only be a matter of time before she links me to it anyway because as you can see by looking at her old blog she loves to rant about me.

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