SimplestSimon (And everything Else Wrong With Anti-Alida Cliques)

I know that people are going to be screaming at me and calling me a hypocrite because I too hate Alida Morberg. I think, though, there is a huge difference between me doing it personally offline (which is mostly ignoring her and just having the opinion I don’t like her) and what the actual trumblr groups are doing. Despite what these groups will claim, I have not made another blog to get on there and bother them, I am not part of their group, I am not currently blogging about this, and I really don’t care that much. On occasion I will look in to see what may or may not be going on but I certainly do not devote my lives to it like they do. In any case, I checked in recently and I found someone calling out the lead blog SimplestSimon. I will talk about the specific post in a moment but first I should probably explain what’s going on with this specific group of blogs and why I’ve picked this one as the “leader” for this dynamic.

The reason that SimplestSimon (I don’t know her name so I’m just going to call her Simon) has been singled out for this is that when I was on the Alida hate train and also on tumblr, she was the first one to talk to me and the second blog to pop up after mine that openly trashed Alida Morberg. People thought that she was me, even though it can clearly be seen that she is not me. She speaks English as a second language and from what I recall, she’s Norwegian. Though claims were made by idiots (mostly those stalkers on that forum that pretends to be anonymous but isn’t) that Simon’s blog was me just pretending to be ESL and talking to myself, things got pretty messy. Though, it was soon overly proven that blog wasn’t mine nor were the several other blogs that they claimed to be me. I already covered this in a few different posts if you want to look at them. The point is that Simon’s blog was there right after mine and has been there the whole time up until now.

I should also cover the fact that the reason I really don’t “jive” with that group enough to go back to talk with them is that they became a clique. One that is lead by Simon. She will claim that there is no “leader” and she is not the “leader” but Jamie Purr (the Skarsgard Scam Artist) will also claim she’s not running a cult, doesn’t brainwash people to do her dirty work, and doesn’t make anyone follow any rules (which is demonstrably false). It has always baffled me as to why these girls just don’t admit they are Queen bees, running groups like little bitchy Hitler’s, and are in fact narcissistic, hypocritical assholes. Usually, sane people can see it but we are talking about Tumblr here. Anyone who is choosing to be on it at this point (and part of fandom nonsense) is not in their right mind anyway. I’m aware there are blogs on there for other things, I’m not talking about that, I’m talking specifically about fandom blogs for celebrities and how damn crazy it all gets. This isn’t the only fandom you’ll find it in (as I know that for a fact) but it is one of the few I’ve ever had personal experience with. That’s why I’m bringing it up.

I knew something was up with this group when suddenly Simon and a few other blogs absolutely forbid two topics. The first topic was the possibility of Bill Skarsgard being gay and Alida being a beard. The second topic was that no one could comment on Alida’s looks or appearance because it was “cheap” or a low blow or something. I have no idea. I mean, I kind of agree it’s a low tactic to call someone ugly but I also think Alida is objectively ugly. To be fair, I can see why people don’t think Bill Skarsgard is good looking and that he has a weird face. I’m not here to defend him either, especially not if I look at it objectively. Yes, I think he’s attractive but I totally get why other people wouldn’t and it doesn’t bother me if people don’t. In any case, when Simon brought the hammer down on these subjects I knew it was time to bounce because I knew that it was only going to get worse from there. Now, Simon and her gang claimed that it was just them who weren’t going to talk about Bill being gay or Alida’s looks but anyone else could put anything they wanted on their blog because they were “open to other opinions” allegedly. What a laugh riot that became.

Getting back on subject to the post calling Simon out since she seems to be like the leader or something. First she wrote this post where she declared that the “AlidaMorbeg” Twitter was the real Alida Twitter and the “AlidaMorberg” twitter was the fake twitter, she phrases it in a way where it seems like it’s just an opinion but actually it’s not because look how triggered she gets here when someone explains to her why she’s wrong and brings up very good points. Even more ironically she calls that person triggered when really they just pointed out the reality of why her logic was extremely flawed. Oh and then in their “private chat” and on the not so anonymous forums they claimed this blog was mine. You know, because anyone who doesn’t agree with Simon has to be me I guess. As usual. Even more funny, she seems to want to be “open to conversation” and debate/chat but she has her asks turned off and doesn’t allow people into the group chat anymore…at least I’m guessing. The reason I’m guessing is that the group chat stats are public, it’s only ever the same 5 people in there talking, they all share the same opinion that Simon has, and the number of people in the group never goes up. Ergo: Simon just wants what she has to say repeated back to her a million times and she doesn’t want anyone else to have their say in anything if it doesn’t agree with her.

What’s worse is that things are okay when she does them but not okay when anyone else does them. Remember how I said that she made talking about Alida’s looks off limits? Well on her blog you can find her talking all about Alida’s “botoxed” face and how unnatural she looks. She also complains up and down that the fandom looks for any screengrab or picture of Oona they can get (Bill’s daughter) and reposts it but then she posts pictures of Oona on her blog while claiming all this stuff is supposed to be private and the fandom shouldn’t spread it around? Also here’s the really long post she made about Bill being gay even though no one is allowed to talk about it anymore. Here’s an archive link to the post in case she tries to delete it and claim she never posted it in the first place. If you go to Lipstick Alley and look last year, she took part in a huge conversation about Bill being gay and really stuck by it until she randomly decided that it was not okay and to attack people who did post about it.

Why am I posting all this? Well, for one I want to show that the Anti-Alida people are just as toxic and horrible as the Queen Alida Stans. The Bill Skarsgard fandom is now overrun with people who either hate Alida, love Alida, or refuse to acknowledge Alida exists. The fandom is now more about Alida than it’s ever been about Bill. Also, people attack the shit out of Bill now for the dumbest stuff? Like he said American are fat…well compared to Swedish people they are fat he’s not wrong? They are mad about this because he played American characters so I guess he shouldn’t be talking shit about America but he’s not American so oh my god who gives a shit? The really funny thing is that these are the same people who want to call me toxic, a loser, a stalker, and everything else when I don’t do anything in the fandom anymore. Especially not on tumblr. I may look from time to time to see how stupid Simon and her little group are being but that’s about it.

THE NUMBER ONE REASON I AM MAKING THIS POST: It’s to show that if I have something to say, and sometimes I do, I can post it on my website. That is why I pay for this website. That is why I have this website. If I have an opinion I don’t need to run to tumblr to post it, or make 800 tumblr blogs I will just put it on my website. I think Simon and her little crew are just bitter jealous old women who wish they could fuck Bill and I think that the Alida stans are just jealous young teenagers who think that kissing Alida’s ass will get them closer to Bill. I personally think Bill could give no shits about what tumblr or instagram says about him. As for his alleged relationship with Alida herself, I’m still going to have my opinion that it’s all some kind of setup or he’s being blackmailed or he’s only there cause of the kid because at this point it’s quite clear he’s fed up with her ass (there’s even a video clip of it now) so he’s not staying with her out of love. If I ever have more to say about it which I probably won’t, I will post it on my website because that is why I have a website. I mean, how long are you going to pretend random tumblr blogs are mine when I already post what I think and feel on a public website you all stalk anyway?

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