Both Alida Morberg Twitter Accounts are Fake (AKA: I was right)

To be completely fair I was not the only one who said these accounts were fake. There was someone who called it out first, I caught the post and agreed with that person then other people started to agree. The only “problem” was that the queen of mean “SimplestSimon” was dead set on telling everyone and anyone that the account made in 2015 dubbed @MorbergAlida was the REAL twitter and for weeks she kept it up. She even attacked people who said that she was wrong and got super triggered when people pointed this out. I already covered this in a post a few weeks back. Anyway, there is proof now, straight from Valter Skarsgard himself.

(Proof here) (And Here)

I don’t doubt that Simon will continue her irrational anti-Alida hate blogging but I can’t wait to see her choke on her own bullshit when this smacks her in the face. As I said, she’s become a real cunt because she got a little taste of popularity. She was okay when she started blogging but now she’s one of the Queen Bees. What she says goes and if you don’t agree with her, her little group attacks you. I just love being right. Well Simon….what say you now?

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