SimplestSimon: Liar, Manipulator, & Idiot

Where to start with a woman this stupid. I have already talked about her in posts before but she has gone above and beyond full retard with her behavior lately and I just wanted to document it for the record before she can delete everything that proves she’s a liar. As usual I will have sources, unlike her which well really her “facts” come down to how she feels about people and not the reality that she lives in. Let’s start with the post I made recently about how both Alida Morberg Twitter accounts were fake and then proved it with a tweet from Bill Skarsgard’s brother himself, Valter Skarsgard. When I confronted SimplestSimon on this matter because she had previously insisted that one of the accounts was fake (the one made in 2021) and one of the accounts was real (the one made in 2015) she basically said she didn’t have to listen to me because she didn’t like me. I mean, not verbatim but close enough. (Archive link if she deletes)

Well it gets better, or worse, or way more funny. Maybe all three of those things. So, I went back to tumblr and I confronted her on the fact that she was wrong and as I said she basically just denied the facts because they didn’t match her feelings. Then her little group (that totally isn’t a cult whatsoever) did the same exact thing which you can see here. You have to look in the notes section. (Archive link if she deletes it) and yeah she’s been deleting a lot of stuff lately to avoid people seeing how stupid she is that’s why I’m archiving things. In any case let’s take a deeper look at what that specific article says. The only thing I want to point out is that she BRAGS that Alida tried to follow her on Twitter. There’s a whole bunch of things wrong with this.

Remember how she insisted that the 2021 Alida Twitter account was the fake one all along and the 2015 one was the real one? Well the 2021 Twitter for Alida, her username is @AlidaMorberg. That’s how it’s spelled out. The second one that is allegedly the “Real Alida” (even though it’s not but I guess we can just ignore Valter if we want to these days because pfft like he’s a real source) used to be @AlidaMorbeg then it changed to @MorbergAlida. In any case, the Twitter account that she BRAGS tried to follow her is one that she previously claimed was fake anyway. Take a look.

(Source Here Archive Here)

Well what do you know? This is the account that she previously insisted was fake, but now just recently (as in days ago) she was bragging that it tried to follow her to learn more….really? Interesting how the account is fake when she wants it to be but also real when she wants it to be. Not to mention if you go to that actual account right now you can see that the profile picture is entirely different from this screenshot she has here. No seriously go look. So…photoshop? Outright lie? Or does Simon herself run the 2021 account and that’s why she “knows it’s fake” but why make such a fuss about it only to later claim it was real and trying to stalk her?

(Source Here Archive Here)

Last but not least I give you this really stupid disclaimer she wrote like yesterday and decided to put on her blog. Basically, what she’s saying is that she’s not responsible for MY comments which are actually facts. You know, the ones that point out the twitter accounts are fake, the ones that point out she lies about Alida, the ones that point out that she’s just a manipulative cunt. I mean the funny thing is that literally all of this is on her own blog if you bother to read it. I’ve shown pretty well that she has made these claims and instead of, I don’t know, being an adult and admitting she’s wrong she’s instead putting up a disclaimer that she’s right and anyone who comments is a liar (and then deleting comments that prove she is a liar) because there used to be way more comments under that post (more than 3 notes).

In the end, I’ve proven that whoever runs this blog is a liar, a narcissist, a bully, and pretty much a cult leader. As I said, if you go look at the notes/comments under ANY of her posts 99% of the replies are the same five people all the time and they all agree with her no matter what. One of them basically told me to go kill myself for pointing out the truth. If this isn’t just another version of a cult I don’t know what is. The most delicious thing here is in the one post, Simon claims she’s “retiring” now because she’s “bored”. Weird that it would happen RIGHT AFTER someone pointed out all her lies and manipulations. She has her asks turned off, she deletes or blocks anyone who proves she’s wrong (and calls her out) and she still somehow has people following her saying she’s right. This woman is the ultimate cunt and exactly why I left the Anti-Alida side of tumblr a long time ago. I pretty much said this would happen anyway and boy was I right.

PS: She also made her instagram private for SOME reason…lord knows why because mostly all she posts on there are screenshots of her tumblr posts and bragging about how many followers she has. She also reposts pictures of Oona even though she complains that people shouldn’t repost pictures of Oona. So I mean…what a twat. People can call me what they want, that’s fine, but they need to start admitting this woman is just as bad as they think I am if not worse. At least I deal in facts and am not a damn hypocrite about everything I do.

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