AmberLynn666: Liar, Manipulator, Brainwashed?

There’s this girl who has been bending over backwards to suck SimplestSimon’s dick forever. Basically anything she says, AmberLynn666 agrees with. What they both apparently agree on is lying and photoshopping things to…feel better about themselves? I actually have no clue but check out what just happened.

AmberLynn666 has been brainwashed by SimplestSimon to lie and photoshop "facts" to prove lies now as well.
(Source: SimplestSimon’s public Anti-Alida Chatroom)

I went to this post that Amberlynn666 made and other than the fact that she accuses like 8 people of being me on blogs that aren’t mine, Tumblr staff never even liked the post which is besides the point because her “proof” that tumblr staff liked the post is this:

(Source Link and Archive Link)

Much like SimplestSimon lying about the alleged Alida Twitter requesting to follow her (the fake account that’s totally fake until she needs it to be real to prove a point) well this blog “Staff18227” doesn’t exist. At all. If you go look at the actual post you will see that no one named that ever even gave it a like and even if they did, that’s not the staff blog. The tumblr staff blog is just “STAFF“. So not only does this blog not exist, this alleged like didn’t happen and even if it did it’s not from the official staff blog. At this point these people are just making shit up about me to feel better about themselves and even photoshopping likes from fake blogs to prove it I guess? Either way these people seem just as obsessed with hating me as they are with hating Alida but they have no proof I’ve actually done anything they say so they have to make it up. Jesus Christ if I’m lame then what does this behavior make them?

I will also remind everyone that the Anonymous Stalker forum that AmberLynn666 uses as a “source” accused her blog of being run by me and Simon’s blog of being run by me (along with several others) none of the blogs Amber lists in her post are run by me or ever were and 98% of the blogs the “anonymous stalker forum” listed as mine aren’t mine either. My sources are 100% more truthful than Simon’s and Amber’s combined and yet they will still ignore all of this because they are delusional. Seriously, Alida is looking like a sensible woman compared to these two and their stupid little group.

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  1. The like was probably legit, but it obviously wasn’t Tumblr staff. I’ve noticed a ton of bots with the name “staff” followed by numbers are popping up on the site and liking things. So in short, a bot liked the post and Amber is apparently idiotic enough to believe it was actually staff.


    1. When I called her on it she said she only did it to troll me but here’s the thing, first I asked her for proof that this happened, in person. She sent me a screenshot. Then I sent her a link back to the blog and told her it was a porn bot. THEN after THAT she said that she was just “Trolling me”. She also bragged that she was showing all my replies to “everyone” and told me to kill myself. Yeah…she wins that round i guess lol


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