About us

Freddie Lounds is the alias chosen by Monica Edwards to write the content that is found on this website. At no point has Monica ever claimed to be the real Freddie Lounds. Some names have been changed to protect outside sources from harassment. A lot of people believe that none of this ever happened, that Monica caused these problems herself, or that she is attempting to frame someone else for something she did (all of which is false information). She doesn't believe she is a real journalist and she only hides source names to protect them from the harassment she has received in the past (almost daily for over ten years). The information you will find about Monica on Reddit, KiwiFarms, and EDF is highly falsified, stolen, or entirely made up by extremely mentally ill and obsessive stalkers that have nothing better to do than write what is essentially fan fiction about Monica. This website will stand as an archive and testament to those sorts of problems for a warning to future fans of certain TV shows. Monica is a biological woman, she is not on drugs (nor has she ever done them), and as of now, she has no plans of continuing to update this website beyond leaving it as an archive unless different information surfaces on Jennifer Cornet or Lauren Skaggs. Hopefully, someone from the Tattle-Crime cult will come forward and speak out to fill in the information gaps but no one is really holding their breath waiting for that to happen. Monica's story has not changed since day one, and if you are looking for absolute proof of what she says she will freely provide it should you contact her via this website.