I decided to add a “Frequently asked questions” page because it’s the easiest way to get information out without having to repeat myself all the time.

Are You Jennifer Cornet?
No, I am not Jennifer. Despite the fact that people run around saying I am (especially the Hannibal Fandom) I am not. I also do not have any contact with her now nor do I know where she is. If I should ever get any actual information on her location I’ll post it.

Why do you think you are Freddie Lounds?
I don’t think I’m Freddie Lounds. It was the name Jennifer Cornet was using when she was running her cult in the Hannibal Fandom. Freddie was also my favorite character and Jennifer hated if there were “duplicates” so I started to use the name as well. Later, I thought it would be a good way to get in the tags and google result searches so people could be warned about who she was. I have never claimed to actually be her or anything along those lines. I’ve been very open that it’s an alias and this is the reason why.

Why do you think you’re a legitimate reporter?
I don’t. People on Reddit tease me for that because I use anonymous sources but there is a reason I keep some sources anonymous. The main reason is, you know that stalker forum that I have? Well say that I gave a name of one of my sources? Those stalkers would go after that person to. Those people have doxed not only me but dozens of people who aren’t me just because they got bad information. I’m just in the business of not getting people harassed. I do not believe I am special, an actual reporter, important, or doing any sort of legitimate journalism. I just run a blog. Damn.

What is your legal name and location?

The Truth Will Cost You

If you want this information you’re gonna have to pay a fee. Sorry.

The Truth Will Cost You

If you want this information then you have to pay the price

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