Mariann Lovett

I had this up on my old website but then it was down. After that I was contacted by three people who shall remain anonymous about this specific person. I decided maybe I should put the information back up again just in case.

Quote From Mariann Lovett About Not Really Being A Lesbian

A long time ago I met a woman named Marian Lovett. That is/was her legal name at the time. From the anonymous sources I’ve been told that she has changed her legal name countless times. When I knew her she always went by other names but there was never a legal change. She changed her name like most people change underwear. Screen names too. I met her when I was 14 years old or so she said she was 17 but it turns out she was 18 or 19 in actuality. She also had a habit of “falling in love with me” and then claiming she was not a lesbian and vanishing offline for months at a time only to come back, tell me she was still in love with me and wanted to be with me forever. Rinse and repeat. She told all sorts of weird stories and every other week she had a new diagnosis of something wrong with her. Though it was clear that she was schizophrenic (at a certain point) the most she would ever admit to having was tourettes for some reason. She also believed strongly in the idea that Jesus and her faith would heal her and she was a conservative who was also very religious and very catholic. Her mother was very much like Margaret White (you know, the crazy ass overly religious mother from Stephen King’s Carrie?) and her father seemed like a nice guy. Kind of weak without ay sort of spine and an enabler for the crazy, delusional mother.

Around the time I was 19 I realized that Mariann (or Mare as she liked to be called) was extremely mentally ill. When I first met her I was young and stupid so it was easy for her, as an adult to string me along and manipulate me into believing her lies. It didn’t take a genius to see that she was just an abusive gaslighter when I got old enough and mature enough to put some hindsight on the whole relationship. Here is the rest of the story (from the point where I realized she was insane and not getting enough mental help to present day).

Around the time I was 20 or so, Mare and I reconnected via Facebook and started to chat. Before this point, as I said, she have several nicknames and screen names. She also opened and closed several livejournal accounts pretending to be “new people” some of which she never even deleted or shut down. (Archive) She also ran a very Mary Sue Roleplay account (Link) which is pretty much how we met in the first place. Over time talking to her with the new knowledge that she was very mentally ill, some extremely interesting stuff happened. I honestly wish I could prove all of this because it’s crazy but you’ll just have to take it with a grain of salt.

Ever since 9/11 happened, Mare had been extremely Islamophobic. She was convinced that Muslims were going to take over the country and we were all going to die or something. She also believed that there was a ghost from the WTC haunting her. A man who died that day (she didn’t know his name but he was one of the jumpers that was photographed in the papers) and she said that he hated her because she was alive and he wasn’t. Eventually this delusion changed to her saying that he was her guardian angel and he was trying to give her information. What he told her was that she needed to stop doing everything that she was doing and write a novel. This novel would make her famous and it would get the attention of Charlie Sheen and he would fall in love with and marry her. She devoted years of her life to this endeavor before randomly giving up and deciding she was a lesbian.

Except, the thing is that Mare never was a lesbian. Now, as I was saying her and I reconnected on Facebook. At the time she had a fiance and that really confused me. I get that some people are “late in life lesbians” and it takes them awhile to decide what they want but Mare, in her own words (as you can see above) even as recently as a few years ago, claimed that she couldn’t possibly be a lesbian. This was something she said to me all the time, for years. At the time I had that conversation with her she was with another woman (can’t remember the woman’s name). Since Mare and I were interacting on facebook this woman asked me why I knew her and how we’d met. I told her the truth and how I found it interesting that Mare was suddenly a lesbian seeing as how she had always told me that the idea of going down on a woman made her sick. The fiance and Mare quickly broke up after that. Not that I was ever given a reason why but I’m assuming the woman realized that Mare never did anything more than kissing or hugging her and felt like she was in a sexless relationship.

Mare was known to have all sorts of delusions. At least, by me, because unfortunately I was included in them for some reason. One of her delusions was that a Muslim man was trying to break into her house because he was demanding to marry her. She told me that I needed to call the cops because he was outside her door and had a gun. I did call the cops but I reported it as a wellness check as I didn’t believe anything she was saying because none of it added up. I mean, she’d gotten on instant messenger to tell me this because apparently the man had cut the phone lines but not the internet? Whatever. I called the police and told them her address and said I feared she was having some sort of nervous breakdown. They sent some one to her house but I never really got a follow up on what happened because she was just mad at me after that and wouldn’t talk about it.

For some reason, and I don’t really know what reason (this was after Mare blocked me on facebook for telling her other fiance she wasn’t really a lesbian) I was looking for information on another friend and I came across the profile of a woman named Kat Smith. As you can see, it says she’s married to Morgaine Smith and I thought that name seemed really, painfully familiar. I click on the profile and, what do you know? It’s Mare again. This is easy to tell because she never took down her Mariann Lovett facebook and the profile pictures are obviously of the same woman.

From the sources who have reached out to me, well they are concerned about how mentally stable she is and if she’s dangerous or not. All I can tell them is this story that I have and my experience with her. What I can say is that she still bills herself as a “Freelance writer” and has “written” for random online publications like the Inquisitr but has also stopped. She is most currently writing for free on a blog called WeeklyRamblings. Mare has been known to have several random disorders. First it was PCOS then it was FIBRO then it was…god knows what. She has never actually admitted to being delusional or schizophrenic. She is someone who claims to be a “world class expert horseback rider” but oddly her wife was begging people for riding boots because Mare needs to take lessons to ride? My theory here is Mare literally seduced and married this woman because of access to horses (which she’s obsessed with) and a few sources close to Kat (not Mare) theorize the same. That the woman is there because of horses. That there is no evidence she’s ever had extended contact with horses, ever worked on a horse farm, or even owned a horse (like she previously claimed to me and dozens of other people). Though she used to claim she was an expert and competed in dressage when asked about dressage she gets offensive and mean. I personally have tried to confront Kat Smith about this but sadly the woman is so brainwashed by whatever sob story Mare told her she has chosen to bury her head in the sand instead of face the truth. It’s why I’m putting the truth here. People around Mare know something is off about her, to a point where they google her name and come to me asking questions. Well, this is the story I have, this is the truth, and if anyone knows what’s good for them (or for poor Kat) they will find a way to get this woman help before it’s too late.

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