The Catfishers

Here I will provide all the photos that Krystal Mather and Damien Georgie Miles have been using as pictures to catfish girl on Tumblr. The only male known to be who he says he is, is Damien because of the verification picture with his name on it. Every other man it’s highly debatable as well as their real names or where the photographs even came from. If you know (or are) one of the men in these photographs please contact me to clear up any confusion. Thank you.

Complete Article About This Can Be Found Here

DAMIEN GEORGIE MILES (Confirmed Identity) <—Current Facebook Page

JAMES DUBHACH (Identity Not Confirmed)

Nikolai Ivanovich Morosov (Identity Not Confirmed) However he still runs a blog where he uses these same/similar images and you can find it here

Sasha/Lex/Alexander/Brad (Identity Not Confirmed) <—Current Facebook going now by the name BRADLEY HEELER

Ben, Tristan, Caleb, and countless others in a miscellaneous file. No identities or real names confirmed.

I have many, many more photographs than this. I just don’t see a point to putting them up. If you are one of these men in question or know one of these men in question feel free to contact me here to give me more information. If you have gotten one of these photographs or names while talking to someone online know that you are more than likely being scammed in some capacity. The main people behind this are named Krystal Mather (she also goes by the name Krystal Bowie) and Damien Georgie Miles who has several children and is also not allowed to see them for some reason. Krystal also has about 4 special needs children who she uses as a shield to get away with what she is doing. It is advised for you to not contact any of these people or listen to anything they have to say. Mostly they operate on Tumblr but have moved to Discord to operate far more secretively. They are known to scam nudes/explicit pictures off of young women, and solicit travel to other countries for unknown reasons. They are very good at manipulation/brainwashing and usually prey on females with severe mental illnesses and/or social issues (It’s why they use Tumblr as a hunting ground). You can also find them trying to recruit people via the game Wizard101 while pretending to be teens/children.

LuvBowieLuvr aka Krystal Mather aka Krystal Bowie is the ring leader of all this. Below the entire crew of them are involved in some way. Currently going by the names (Left To Right)

Damien Miles
Chilli Cooper
Bradley Heeler
Charlie O’Brien
Damo Pritchard

As usual if you have found yourself on this page in error feel free to contact me and clear up any misinformation. Until such time, it is known that these people are definitely working for/with or enabling Krystal Mathers in her catfishing scheme on tumblr.

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